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How to Register for the Seminar:


Step 1 - Make payment of the seminar fee to:


Account Name: Tehilla's Place of Virtue


Account Number: 1011730698


Zenith Bank


Step 2 - Text your name and the deposit slip number to 0705 763 0825 or email your name and the deposit slip number to:





1.       Inclusion for Learners with Autism and Related Disabilities in Mainstream Classrooms-------------N15,000

2.       Developing Effective Individualized Education Programs: A Case-Based Workshop----------------N25,000

3.       21st Century Teaching and Classroom Management Strategies---------------------------------N20,000

4.       Effective Practices in Early Intervention------------------------------------------------------N10,000

5.       Improving Writing Performance: A Strategy for Writing Persuasive Essays ----------------------N10,000

6.       Providing Instructional Supports: Facilitating Mastery of New Skills ----------------------------N15,000

7.       Secondary Reading Instruction: teaching Vocabulary and Comprehension in the Content Areas --N15,000

8.       Self-Regulated Strategy Development: Using Learning Strategies to Enhance Student learning --N15,000

9.       High-Quality Mathematics Instruction: What Teachers Should Know ---------------------------N15,000

10.     Understanding the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for Students with ASDs  -------------------N15,000

11.     Overview of Exceptionalities------------------------------------------------------------------FREE

12.     Parent Participation in Early Intervention------------------------------------------------------FREE

13.     Basic Social Skills Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum---------------------------------FREE

14.     A day in the life of  a Special Education Teacher-----------------------------------------------FREE

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