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The Global Inclusive Education Summer Camp is a unique event that is designed to bring all special needs educators across Nigeria and beyond for a time of networking, nurturing, grooming and empowerment. The event also seeks to mobilize educators, education professionals, related service providers as well as interested participants (parents inclusive) to a combined experiential event which is targeted at creating an enriching experience for all participants. The last edition in 2020 was held virtually and was attended by over 150 participants located in 6 countries across the globe. It was very successful as evidenced by available records of great feedback and comments from participants. This year’s edition is quite unique because it would be the first hybrid (i.e., combined virtual and physical) camp program consisting of an online Conference and a physical month long summer camp for kids with or without disabilities (for only those in Abuja). The summer camp is being offered to the public for a token fee. Click here to get details of the Kids Inclusive Summer Camp.

The scheduled dates for the event are Wednesday August 18, Thursday August 19 and Friday August 20, 2021.



The discussions during the Summer Camp will focus on topics bordering on the following:

  • Improving curricula for inclusive education.

  • Prioritizing opportunities for authentic learning for persons with special needs.

  • Maximizing the use of learning outside the classroom for persons with special needs.

  • Supporting independent learning for students with special needs.

  • Enhancing digital skills for teachers of students with special needs.

  • Responses to COVID-19 in the field of special education.

  • Impacts on different categories of persons with disabilities.

  • Impacts on longer-term development of inclusive education.


The objectives of the Summer Camp are to:


  • Provide opportunities to network and learn from each other.

  • Promote professionalism.

  • Seek alliance and resourceful collaboration.

  • Equip and empower participants with the required skills for engagement.

  • Boost the confidence of special educators.

  • Motivate and inspire each other especially during the current COVID-19 season.

  • Create a platform for sharing practical experiences, tools, and tips that can provide teachers and parents of children with special needs with crucial support in these times of uncertainty.

  • Promote independence in children with special education needs.

  • Encourage connection between children with special needs, their teachers, parents and their environment.

  • Keep educators, parents and individuals engaged intellectually.

  • Promote personal and professional development among general and special educators.




The ONLINE sessions are scheduled to run daily from:


  • 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM WAT (West African Time)

  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM MT (Mountain Time)

  • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Meantime)

  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)


The speakers will share relatable experiences, practical ideas, strategies and information that would be beneficial to policy makers, general and special needs educators, related professionals and parents of persons with special needs.

At the end of the Summer Camp, participants will walk away with valuable tips and practical lessons that will spur them in the direction of greater clarity and enable them better support their child or student with special needs.

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Here's The Speaker LINE-UP


Keynote Speaker - Location: Ghana

Mr. Charles Abani is a Nigerian-British Diplomat, International Development Professional and the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ghana. Previously, he was Director for West, Central Africa and Haiti at Chemonics International and has previously served as Chief of Party for USAID Civil Society Project in Nigeria. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: United Kingdom

Tiffany James, Vice President of Nessy LLC America is a Certified Structured Language Teacher, Certified Reading Specialist, qualified Dyslexia Screener, and Dyslexia Specialist with 25 years of Kindergarten Teaching experience. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: United States

Professor Stephen Mark Shore is an autistic professor of special education at Adelphi University. He has written the books that include: College for Students with Disabilities, Understanding Autism for Dummies, Ask and Tell, and Beyond the Wall. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Nigeria

Nguyan Shaku Feese has extensive experience in Educational Management and Institutional Development and has worked extensively on institutional and organizational development issues for over twenty years.
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Speaker - Location: Nigeria

Ijeoma Ugwu is a food expert from the science and nutritional points of view. She is the founder and lead Nutritionist at Brainfoods for Guts and Psychology. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Korea

Princess Nwakego Ibrahim - Pam is an Educationist, an employer, a trainer and an Administrator. She specializes in Early Childhood Education and Parental Involvement and she is also known for her tremendous work with the special needs children and their families. She is a known Speech Therapist around the world especially in Nigeria, The Netherlands and in Tunisia. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: South Africa

Mr. Abioye is the Executive Director, Theseabilities Foundation. He is a highly motivated, self-directed individual with over 15 years’ experience in client relationship management, sales, business development, facilitation and leadership development. He is passionate about the socio-economic development of persons with disabilities. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Nigeria

Mr. Rotimi is the Strategy, Business Development & Trust Advisor at First Trustees Nigeria Limited. He is a very smart business professional. He brings a broad range of experience and expertise to business and financial analysis. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Cyprus

Mr. Olatunji is a world class Occupational Therapist with discrete & executive pursuit of excellence in his filed of practice. He has spent about 11 years in the profession with Diploma, Bachelor's & Masters in OT and a Ph.D in Process. He's a Lecturer of OT in the faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy at the Girne American University, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He's the Head Analyst of Therapy Equipment at QLABIT Nigeria Limited.  Click to Read More>>>


Moderator - Location: Nigeria

President, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) FCT Chapter, Nigeria. She is also the Director at Banky's Private School in Abuja. Nigeria. Click to Read More>>>


Moderator - Location: Nigeria

Rhoda Odigboh, Regional Director of Academics at NewGlobe. A Learning Strategist, Curriculum Theorist and Early Childhood Specialist with research interests in Digital Literacy, Green Education and Inclusion. Click to Read More>>>


MC - Location: Canada

Susan Iliyan, international television personality. She has worked in Media and Education in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Canada, the United States and Nigeria. Trilingual and exotic, she possesses a social sophistication that bridges all cultures and demographics. Click to Read More>>>

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Speaker - Location: United States

Professor Mary Temple Grandin is an American scientist and animal behavourist. She is one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to document the insights she gained from her personal experience of autism. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: United States

Meredith Tekin is the president of the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). After years working in healthcare, marketing, professional development and nonprofit spaces, she joined IBCCES to help further its mission. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Ghana

Serwah Quaynor, Founder/ Executive Director of Autism Awareness Care & Training (AACT) Ghana. Autistic advocate and a visionary in autism activism. Mother of Nortey, a 38 year old autistic man. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: United States

Dr. Usifo Asikihia is the Clinical Director International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis (ITC-ABA). He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral (BCBA-D); Intensive Behavior Intervention Specialist Developmental Specialist. Click to Read More>>>

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Speaker - Location: Egypt

Professor Dalia Mostafa is a professor of Phoniatrics at Cairo University and also the founder and Clinical Director at Speech and Language Clinic Cairo, Egypt, where she provides professional development and parent training courses in addition to clinical services for children and adults having communication disorders. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Brazil

Ana Lucia is a physiotherapist and educator at the Eva Lindstedt Centre, Santa Casa Hospital, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She also coordinates low vision projects for Perkins and Lavelle and works as a consultant for Perkins International in Latin America.  Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Australia

Samantha-Kaye Johnston is a Research Officer at The University of Oxford and her interests are at the intersection of reading development, creativity, psychology, and technology. She is also a University Associate at Curtin University and a Teaching Associate at Monash University, where she sits on the undergraduate and graduate psychology teaching teams, respectively. As Founder of Reading for Humanity, she seeks to use this platform to elevate the science of reading, the science of learning, and the science of technology within early reading instruction. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: Nigeria

Ugochi Obidiegwu (a.k.a. SafetyChic) is a Social Development Strategist with a speciality in creating products, programmes and policy advisory that solves Africa's pressing development issues affecting African children and youths. Her major work pillars are ensuring child safety and reducing substance abuse in youths. Her safety activities focus on training and creating unique safety education products and programmes for African children and educators in order to intentionally groom safety conscious children. Click to Read More>>>


Speaker - Location: India

Manobina Chakraborty is an award-winning Inclusive Education Consultant (K-12), now based in Gujarat, India. She is a certified Special Educational Needs expert and a Counsellor with nearly two decades of experience in the field. She is associated with reputed educational organizations in India and the UK, and has been instrumental in setting up special / integrated / inclusive schools. Click to Read More>>>


Moderator - Location: Nigeria

Edidiong Idang is a disability and gender inclusion expert, advocate for girl child education. an Administrator with expertise in Program Management in areas of Governance through legislation and support to Government Institutions, Gender, and Youth Development, Disability Inclusion, and Conflict and peacebuilding. She is an administrator by training, a seasoned facilitator on Leadership and Conflict Management, and a Self-discovery coach. Click to Read More>>>


Convener - Location: Nigeria

Lola Aneke, author, award winning educator with K-12 practicing license from North Carolina in the United States. She holds a Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) Special and Inclusive Education from Meredith College, North Carolina. Founder/CEO C.A.D.E.T. Academy and Dewdrops Community Centre for Special Needs. Click to Read More>>>

Here's The Session Line-up