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Welcome to the webpage for the Autism Awareness Month Webinar 2022, hosted by the Comprehensive Autism and related Disabilities Education and Training (C.A.D.E.T.) Academy. 

The theme of this online event is: Understanding the Multidisciplinary Approach towards Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Inclusive School. This theme emphasizes how crucial it is to foster inclusive quality education in the right way for people on the autism spectrum so that they can fulfill their potential and achieve sustainable success as they grow into adulthood.

This Webinar is a unique event that is designed to bring together various professionals who play a vital role in the multidisciplinary process of managing autism, to share relevant information and bring clarity to parents and stakeholders in the education field.

The scheduled date for the event is Saturday April 23, 2022The Webinar is being offered to the public free of charge, however, registration is MANDATORY.











The discussions during the Webinar will focus on issues bordering on the following:

1.      Children with autism spectrum disorder, ages birth to three years.

2.      Students with autism spectrum disorder, age 3–21.

3.      IEPs and understanding the roles of the: Pediatrician, Behavior Analyst, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychologist/Mental health professionals, Nutritionist, Vocational Specialist, General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Parents, and the Child (or young adult) on the autism spectrum.

4.      What should teachers consider when working with students with autism spectrum disorder?

5.      What are the considerations when working with Families of Children on the autism spectrum?



The objectives of the Webinar are to:

1.      Provide opportunities to network and learn from each other.

2.      Promote professionalism.

3.      Seek alliance and resourceful collaboration.

4.      Equip and empower participants with required knowledge and skills for engagement.

5.      Boost the confidence of parents with a child on the autism spectrum.

6.      Create a platform for sharing practical experiences, tools and tips that can provide teachers and parents of children with special needs with crucial support in these times of uncertainty.

7.      Promote independence in children with special education needs.

8. Keep educators, parents and individuals engaged intellectually.

9. Promote personal and professional development among general and special educators, and related service providers.



The Webinar will begin with 3 speakers each speaking for 30 minutes on the following topics:

Topic 1 – Autism Spectrum Disorder: When and Why should a Parent become Concerned? By Dr. Doris Izuwah – 30 minutes.

Topic 2 – Multidisciplinary Approach towards Autism Spectrum Disorder. By Mrs. Daisy Jonathan – 30 minutes.

Topic 3 – Inter-professional collaboration required by the multidisciplinary method. By Mrs. Damilola Banwo Oyalaja – 30 minutes.


Thereafter, a panel-style arrangement will be adopted that allows for Q & A from the audience, targeted to each specific professional on the panel. The Q & A and discussion session will last approximately 90 minutes.

Speaker sessions: 10:00 am – 11:30 am (Western African Time)

Panel Q & A session: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Western African Time)




Venue:  Online (Zoom).


The speakers will share relatable, practical and beneficial information and strategies to the Webinar participants, especially young adults on the autism spectrum and parents of persons on the autism spectrum. At the end of the Webinar, participants will walk away with valuable tips and practical lessons that will spur them in the direction of greater clarity that will enable them better support their child or student on the autism spectrum. 

Registration is now closed. but you can watch the LIVE stream on our YouTube channel at 10 AM WAT: Thanks.


Here's The LINE-UP OF Facilitators



Facilitator - Location: Lagos

Daisy Esohe Jonathan QBA, ACAS, BCCS is a Certified Educator  and Board-Certified Cognitive Specialist (BCCS), Advanced Certified Autism Specialist (ACAS) and is certified as a Qualified Behaviour Analyst under the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) Credentialing Board with vast experience in using Applied Behaviour Analysis to assess, plan and implement programs for individuals with behaviour, learning and neuro-developmental challenges and disorders. She holds post-graduate degrees in Business Administration and Special Education and currently completing another in Applied Behavior Analysis -Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Mrs Jonathan provides support, coaching and training for parents, educators, therapists and other professionals and consults largely for schools in the area of assessments, planning and setting up inclusive education systems. She is a speaker, trainer,  child advocate and an Internationally published Author whose book Help That Child! provides parents, teachers, therapists and Practitioners with knowledge and skills to understand and address challenging behaviours and build skills among children and teenagers including those with Special Needs, Emotional and Behavioural problems.
She has over two decades of experience as a consultant and trainer in the Education, Small Business and  Non-profit sectors using Participatory Learning Approaches, Strategic Behaviour Change Communication among young and vulnerable populations.  

Daisy Jonathan sits on the board of several national and international organisations including her own Pleasant Places Childcare Foundation which provides free or subsidised education, therapy and psychosocial support for abused and vulnerable children and children with disabilities from low or no income families. 
She is the convener of Autism and Special Needs Support Africa (ASNSA) a platform for stakeholders in the Autism and Special Needs sector to get information, skills and support and Warrior Mums Support Group- a support Group with a membership of about six hundred mothers of Children with Special Needs drawn from over fifteen countries.

Daisy Jonathan owns and manages Pleasant Places Inclusive schools in Portharcourt and Lagos, Nigeria and Pleasant Places Therapy Centre for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities and Pleasant Places Training Academy, which offers training and capacity building for parents caregivers and therapists.

She holds several national and international awards for her contributions and advocacies for ethical and evidence-based practices, discrimination and  stigma reduction, person centres planning and family support in the disabilities sector.
Daisy is married with three children, one of whom has an autism spectrum diagnosis.



Facilitator - Location: United States

Damilola Banwo Oyalaja, is a seasoned Disability Management Enthusiast focused on empowering, coaching, mentoring, and supporting individuals living with disabilities, and training professionals who support persons with disabilities. 


She is committed to supporting every child/individual with disabilities; harnessing potentials, and nudging them from the place of their disability/limitations to a place of ability and fulfillment. 


She is an ardent advocate for vocational skills development as a means of facilitating functional independence, emotional well-being, and sustainability amongst individuals living with a disability. 


With her strong leadership skill and focus on personal development and training, she has attained a progressive experience of 10 years and counting in disability management which she has garnered over these years while supporting persons with disabilities. 


Her mantra is “every individual has a right to living life to the fullest regardless of their physical/intellectual presentations” and she believes that they must be afforded opportunities that will foster realistic purposeful living. This, she is doing through her organization, KTC-KYC Educational Consult, and Academy.

Ijeoma Onah.jpg


Facilitator - Location: Lagos

Ijeoma Ugwu is a food expert from the science and nutritional points of view. She is the founder and lead Nutritionist at Brainfoods for Guts and Psychology. She is the research and development consultant at Albertos bakery specialized on the production and distribution of gluten free and casein free foods. She has led many intervention efforts in helping families and individuals living with health challenges to harness the healing power of food and overcome their health challenges to live more productive and happier lives. She is a highly sought-after professional and knowledge focused facilitator and has led several Seminars and Workshops for various corporate organizations, institutions, multinationals, and arms of government. She has also successfully launched an awareness campaign tagged ‘Walk awake Autism’, an annual event that takes autism awareness to the streets, schools, and villages.

Being a foodist by nature, her interest led to her obtaining a master’s degree in Food Technology from Gent University, Belgium. In further pursuit of food, she has just concluded a master’s degree program in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She also serves as a professional nutritional therapist for autism and related conditions facilitating classes on nutrition in neurological impairments. She has been a consultant on the GT Bank funded project on autism, orange ribbon, that creates awareness and offers free consultation services which has impacted over 50 000 families throughout the federation. Ijeoma Ugwu is a dedicated mother to her young children, learning and channeling their energy into productivity but more importantly striving at raising empathic individuals who would positively impact their world and create an inclusive society.


Ijeoma is passionate about transforming mindsets towards health actualisation by finding solutions within oneself and immediate environment.


Organization: Brainfoods for Guts and Psychology

Phone : +234 8129 84050

E-mail :

Instagram: @brainfoods4guts


Princess Nwakego2.jpg


Facilitator - Location: Korea

As a seasoned expatriate spouse who has lived in several continents it is important for me to follow my passion to impact lives of other vulnerable women, men and their families. These women and men need all the support and opportunities they can find for themselves in foreign countries and still have the strength to support their families emotionally and economically. 
Being the Founder and Chairperson of the Expat Professional and Business Women's Network International, I oversee the different EPBWN chapters in the different countries and head the governing Board. I manage an in house services of the Placement and Mentoring programs of the EPBWN International and coaching of its executives. 

EPBWN works in collaboration with other Network’s Corporate sponsors, Embassies, NGOs, and International Organizations. We utilize the talent pool in the EPBWN International to train and build capacity for its existing members and provide a platform where expatriate spouses and others learn to keep their resumes and curriculum vitae active I also work at identifying opportunities to place network members and our clients in a work environment or startup businesses. I am also an inspirational speaker in different platforms around the world.

I worked with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague as the first Administrative Assistant to the director of the Department in charge of relocating the court to its permanent site. I also worked with the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) as a Judge's Assistant assisting to bring to justice all those involved in the genocide in the Baltic countries. I have also worked with British Council Nigeria on Universal Basic Education Project. I collaborated with Israeli Government through their Embassy in Nigeria as their MASHAV Coordinator for several years. 

I have been active and involved in various charity organizations in the various countries I have lived. I was the president of an international women's organization known as Aglow International, in The Hague for many years.



Facilitator - Location: Cyprus

Therapist Olatunji Solomon Ola is a Lecturer & Occupational
Therapist at the Department of OT, Girne American
University, Cyprus.
Therapist Ola is a world class Occupational Therapist with
discrete & executive pursuit of excellence in his field of
practice. He has spent more than a decade in the profession
bagging a Diploma (FSOT), Bachelors & Masters in OT (SRM
University) and a PhD in Process (Girne American University).
He is a seasoned teacher of occupational therapy &
conducted the first ever virtual occupational therapy seminar
(certificated) in Nigeria in 2019 & other several webinars
seminars home & abroad. He's the chief consultant & head
analyst of therapy equipment design & fabrication at QLABIT
Limited (a registered company in Nigeria). He is specialized in
Neurological Rehabilitation (OT) and upholds passionate
interests in innovative assistive/adaptive devices &
technologies for easing the difficulties faced by people living
with disabilities in having productive daily living experiences.

He is gifted with creative & innovative skills which has birthed
numerous innovative therapy devices that are presently in the
different manufacturing/processing phases. He is an
empathetic, fun to be with and solution oriented professional.
Phone: +905338219670
Official mail:
Business mail:
Personal mail:



Moderator - Location: Lagos

Basirat Razaq-Shuaib is an inclusive education specialist, a children’s author, a social entrepreneur and a global speaker advancing the conversation on inclusive education in Nigeria. She is the Founder of The Winford Centre for Children and Women - a charity supporting children with developmental disabilities in Nigeria, and registered as a United Nations Global Compact partner organisation. She is also the CEO of The Winford Centre International- the premier provider of developmental and learning aids for children with special needs in Nigeria.

Basirat is a doctoral student of disability and inclusive education at the University of Cambridge and holds multiple degrees and certifications. She has published two children’s picture books - “I am not naughty- I really really mean it!” and “Dragons can sing” both targeted at educating children, parents and teachers on empathy, kindness and disability inclusion. Her work has been recognised by the British Council ELTons and translated into 3 international languages.


Basirat remains committed to promoting the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities and their families in society so that they have a chance to achieve positive outcomes and contribute positively to economic development.



Facilitator - Location: Abuja

Dr. Doris Izuwah, MBBS, ACAS, QBA, IBA

Coach Sam.jpg


Facilitator - Location: Abuja

Sam Obafemi is an unconventional thinker. He likens himself to an Octopus whose primary preoccupation is to solve problems, and in fact, where possible, help people avoid them. He is a trained computer scientist turned behavioural change therapist and small business developer.


He is a UK certified Life Coach, trained in Positive Psychiatry from Sydney University, Australia, first Nigerian Anger Management Therapist from Century Anger Management, USA. He’s a Master NLP Practitioner and an Emotional Intelligence Expert.


He is the President of Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy (@sobcaonline) and also the Chief Executive of a business innovation company called Business Study Group. He is also the CEO, Imperial Lounge Nigeria. He holds an MBA from University of Business and International Studies (UBIS), Geneva. Switzerland and he’s an MSc student in Management with Ascencia Business School, Paris. France.


He is currently the Vice President (Empowerment) of Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN) and also a member of the Advisory Council of LCAN.


Follow Sam on @sobafemi



Facilitator - Location: Abuja

Adewunmi Payne-Akinhanmi is an award-winning Special Education Needs Educator of more than 15 years coordinating learning provision for pupils ages 0-16 with SpLD, Autism, SEBD, DS, CP and General Learning difficulties. 

As an international teacher trainer who has worked over 16 years within international schools using the English National Curriculum, Adewunmi shares her daily classroom experiences to guide, inspire and promote best practice for supporting all learners especially students with SEND.

Adewunmi has contributed to conferences and delivered training courses for SENCOs, teachers, parents and learning support assistants in many countries of the world including the United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Egypt, United States of America and the United Arab Emirate.
Adewunmi started with a BSc in Zoology from the premiere University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and has gone ahead to achieved three post graduate degrees in Education- Post Graduate Diploma from University of Lagos, a Post graduate Certificate in SEN and Inclusion from University of Wolverhampton UK and a Master’s Degree in Education, Health promotion and International Development from the IOE, University College London. 

Adewunmi is the Director at Kingscourt Learn Resource Nigeria. She is a member of the National Association of Special Education Needs (NASEN) UK and Council for Exceptional Educators (CEC) USA.



Facilitator - Location: United Kingdom

Nana Kaiy



Facilitator - Location: Lagos

Adelola George



Convener - Location: Abuja

Lola Aneke is an author and award winning educator with a K-12 practicing license from North Carolina in the United States. She holds a Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) Special and Inclusive Education from Meredith College, North Carolina, and a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from University of Lagos. Lola is an IBCCES Board Certified Telepractice Specialist (BCTS) as well as a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist (BCCS).

She is the Founder/CEO of the Comprehensive Autism and related Disabilities Education and Training Academy, known as the C.A.D.E.T. Academy, and the non-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Dewdrops Community Centre for Special Needs, both located in Abuja. Lola hosted the only weekly special needs radio show in Nigeria from 2015 to 2019. She also hosts a weekly online TV programme on YouTube titled: Finding Help with Special Needs, and a 24/7 Support Group for families and educators with over 700 parents and educators on Telegram. She is a TEDx speaker and an inclusive education consultant for UNICEF and Mott McDonald since 2020.


Lola has featured on numerous Television and print media and has been interviewed on BBC Focus on Africa and also on Al Jazeera, and she received “Her Network Woman of the Year in Education Award” for 2019. In 2020, she was recognized by Leading Ladies Africa as one of the 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria. She has trained and empowered numerous parents, teachers and caregivers locally and internationally and has published three crucial books, namely: Special Needs Made Easy (Vol.1), Mastering Autism and Dyslexia Bible.

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